Monday, 24 June 2013

Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh - Centro Mall Klang

Bad experience. The waiters are so rude.

My review is here

Power Rangers

Ooppsss...not power rangers...but it is power supply !!!  I got a very long irritating story to share.

A very interesting thing happened few days before we shifted.

The chronology of event :-

15/6 -  We have encountered our power supply is unstable as the light was flickering when we went and clean the house. I called TNB and they came but they said it is not in charge by their department.  It supposed to be done by new project department.  They said they will help to lodge a report to the relevant department

19/6 - Went and checked the house power supply after work and found out that the power is still not stable.  Called TNB (15454) at around 7.30pm and promise to come at 8.30pm.  Took our quiet dinner and went to new house to wait for TNB technician but he said he is busy with another breakdown and Bukit Kemuning and he promised to call me when he is almost there.  Went home to wait for his call.  Wait & Wait !!!  At almost 10pm, finally he called and said that he is coming now.  So, we went to the new house.  The technician said that our main fuse is too small so he change a new fuse for us.  After changed, he asked us to try to on all the lights and fans.  It was ok but after 5 minutes, it black out and I can hear a loud "pak" sound and he said it is trip.  And the best thing is all the lights and fans cannot be on again.  All my lights and fans (ground floor) are spoilt.
He said it is not the fuse problem but now the problem with wiring at their sub station.  and he also claimed he will helped me to lodge a report to the relevant department.  Fine !!! but what happened to the things that are spoilt?  He advised me to lodge a police  report.  Ah ? police report ?? but who long as they compensate my loss.  He also promised that all the fault will be rectified by the next day as I told him I m shifting this weekend.

20/6 - At 6pm sharp, I left office because wanted to reach new house asap to test the power supply.  Still the same ! cannot be on !  Called TNB again and the operator already know my name before I even introduced myself because they recognised it from my phone number.  The operator also know my problem. After a while another technician called me and tell me that it is TNB FAULT as they found out that there were so mistake done during the installation...wah !!! so how now ? it has become my problem.... I was so angry...I went to police station that evening itself and lodge a police report (sound silly right) but the policeman really take down my report.  At least the policeman is a very nice young man.
Went home with dissappointment.

21/6 - Thinking how to solve the problem and what will happned if we shift in with no power supply.  I decided to take half day and go to TNB office Jalan Meru to lodge a report on my faulty items caused TNB fault.  Went there at 2.00pm, took my number and was served in 2 minutes.  Sat and the customer service counter and told her my problem.  She told me she can only take down my report and pass the report to project department at 2.30pm.  I demand to see her supervisor, she also must wait till 2.30pm. I said I can wait...till 10pm also i can wait...she rudely replied me ...tunggu lah kalau nak tunggu !!!  so rude !!!
Waited till 2.30pm and asked her my report status and I still demand to see her supervisor or someone can make decision !!! the reply i got is TUNGGU !!!  till 3pm she allowed me to see one lady who can really assist me and she promised to give me an answer today.  After 10 minutes, the lady told me that their technician will be going to my house today and asked me to go and wait for them there.

21/6 4pm - TNB technicians from maintenance & project department came to my house and see the actual things happened.  Confirmed that all the lights and fans cannot be on and now all lights & fans (included upstair) cannot be on.  WTF !! more are spoilt !  they said they will rectified the problem by that day as they know i m shifting in the next day.  I said if it is not settled, please send me a gen set !!!  I was really angry !!!

21/6 6.30pm - TNB technicians called and asked to go and test the power again.  Went and test ! power is  back because there is one light still can be one.  But it trips again so now they put the blame on my wireman and contractor.  Wah !!! they are really testing my patience.  Argue with them for almost one and half hour finally an indian man came to calm down the situation and promise to compensate all my lost.  So, I called my wireman to come earlier the next day to test all the wiring.  Luckily big electrical items, like air con & fridge were not affected.

22/6 - shifting day

to be continued

Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Father's Day and weekend

"I love you, daddy" and "Happy Father's Day" ...this was what uttered by my little Maine for her father.  I think his heart had melted the moment he heard that.  We went to Papa John for father's day dinner.  They enjoying their dinner after a hectic day on Saturday because we spent almost half day in new home for few contractors to fix aircon, fans and water filter respectively.  Few furnitures were also arrived on Saturday morning.

On Saturday also, I went to Maine's kindy to collect her progress card.  Her teacher commented that she is a quiet girl and doen't interact must with her peers.  That is a total different from what she is when she is at home with us.  She is the most talkative girl at home and she can tell story for non stop.  But I told her teacher that I can see that she is enjoying her schooling life whereby she loves to write and read eventhough her teacher commented that her handwriting needs lots of improvement !!  Well, she is only 5 and I am not putting too much of pressure on her.  Let her learn at her own pace.

Sunday was a busy day because more packing to done.  5 more days and we will be shifting to our new 't home.  Just can't wait !!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

New House Progress #4

We took one day off last Friday to soft out few things beside doing the most important i.e. Cyn first IC.  She was so excited as I can understand how she felt.  I also got my address change to my new house address.  The process only took us 30 minutes.

It was a busy day as we went few places, 1st we went to an electrical shop in Kemuning Utama to buy 2 units of 1 HP aircon (for master bedroom & our girls' room).  They will come and install the aircon this weekend.  The fridge (a gift from my mum & siblings) arrive in the afternoon.

We also went to a chinese temple in town to check on the best date to shift in this month.  The date is fixed on 22 June...
The sofa & tv cabinet came on Tuesday evening.
This Saturday, the wireman will installed the fan and aircon man will install aircon.  We will start to shift in this weekend.

Gift from mum & siblings

Our new set of sofa...brown colour

Monday, 3 June 2013

New House progress #3

There were no update for last one week on my new house.  Lower kitchen cabinet is done, so far no budget for top cabinet :(

Cleaning was done yesterday.  We went to Ikea on Saturday to get some household items for our new home.
lower kitchen cabinet

we chose ceiling light

entrance light

Wah !! the floor is now shinning.  2 maids came and clean the whole  house for 7 hours