Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Trip to Sabah

After working so hard for a year....we decided to make a trip to Sabah for holiday.  This is the first trip for my 2 kids and hubby.  I been to Sabah once when I was at 10 years and stay in Papar for 1 months during school holiday before we moved Sibu.  However, I also forgetten about Sabah.

We went on 4d3n trip and fly by AirAsia.  We also rent a car and it is easier to go around.  On day 1, we went straight to Kundasang and stay a night there.  Let see the picture
Rumah terbalik in Sabah.  No photo inside the house.  Everything is terbalik.

See, the christmas tree and snowman also upside down.

This is the place we stay in Kundasang. Mile 36 and it is so cool here.

Mile 36

Mee Tuaran

Entrance to Desa Dairy Farm

Fresh milk for the farm

Feeding the goat

Nice flower in Memorial War 

Kinabalu Park

Nice seafood in town and every where is seafood

Philiphine market with all type of seafood

A very good experience for the kids and my eldest one who love seafood cannot resist it.  The seafood there are also cheap.  They also sell sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, salted fish and all types of seafood.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Back dated post

I was very busy in the office and also at home.  As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, it was my birthday and also my hubby birthday in November.

A simple celebration for us because we have more important think to handle last month.  My mother feel down and her back bone fractured.  Sent her to medical centre and did CT Scan and MRI, doctor said she got silent stroke but her MRI show good result so admission for her.  But she can't walk on her own and she need some one to hold her.  So, I get my friend's daugther who is a physiotherapy to come to my house and teach her how to walk and we also send her for acupuncture.  Now she is better but she still complaint on her back.

Luckily it is school holiday and my little Cyn is at home to help around and she is really helping me. Once a while I will still go back during lunch to see them.

Hopefully mum will get better soon.