Thursday, 22 October 2015


I have been joining yoga classes since last year and it is not an easy task to follow but after a year I have catch up some of the pose but still need a lot of improvement.  My yoga class is every Wednesday night or Sunday morning.  Actually my office also have yoga class early this year but it stop after few month because of no participants.  It is fully paid by company and so it is free but still our staff doesn't want to join.  At least I will have 2 yoga classes - one in office every Friday & one on my own.

But now my colleague download some work-out & zumba video and our teacher is the video but the response is also very low but since no money involved so it is still on every Mon, Wed & Friday.

So I will join the work-out/zumba on Mon & Fri, Yoga on my own every Wed / Sun and sometime I will go jogging on Saturday with my friends.

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Monday, 12 October 2015


Ya....saving....don't worry, I m not talking about saving money as I also not good in that.

Let's go and watch movie....
Saving Mr Wu....starring Andy Lau.  I have free ticket after I signed us with TGV movie club, 2 tickets and 1 set of regular our movie last Saturday is free (ya,,,,,saving money)...visit the website at to find out more

Nice movie by Andy Lau and I love his movie.

Saving Mr Wu

TGV movie club

Free 2 tickets  & 1 set of regular popcorn

I should entitle for free ticket next month because it is my birthday.