Thursday, 30 April 2015

Restaurant Lan Je in Kota Kemuning

This restaurant is already in town for many years but this is the 2nd time I was trying it.  The first time was with my friend few days ago and I like the taste of the fish and I brought my hubby for 2nd trying after 2 days after that as he likes to eat fish.

The taste of ginger is so hot and my hubby is loving it.
Besides these steamed fish, we also ordered tauhu and one vege.
My hubby said, we shall order one fish per person as he prefer extra hot and I can only take normal hot.  We can skip the tauhu the next round.

Lan Jie Steam Fish

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Long Weekend and we are going for holiday soon

Long weekend is coming and I am so busy at work as there are too many things to complete before month end and early next month.

For this long weekend, we are not planning to go anywhere....will be in town as the 2 girls will be busy with their exam soon.  I will be on leave sooooooooon as we are going for holiday.  So, all the tasks and reports must finish before I go on leave.

Air ticket - check-in done
Luggage - not done
Taxi - not done

more things to be done...

Where am I going ?  Will post on my holiday after I return

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dragon-i and Movie

We have been eating out very frequently for dinner as I seldom cook due to work commitment.  I have been coming back late recently so I will ask my hubby to pack dinner for the kids.  I will be busy during early of the month and end of the month.  But, last Saturday my hubby insisted we went out for dinner after he come back for Terengganu for Ching Ming festival. So, he treat us a dinner at Dragon-i as they are facing a RM1 chicken promotion.

On Sunday, we left our 2 girls at home with their grandma and uncle while we went for movie.  We went and watch Fast and Furious 7 at MBO cinema.  A dating with my hubby with a very touching movie.  We will celebrate our 15th years anniversary next month and we will have a good plan next month.

Siew Loong girls love it
RM1 Chicken Promotion
RM1 chicken promotion.  Picture from Dragon-i website.

Maine's birthday (outdated post)

Maine birthday day was last month but Mummy is too busy and didn't post about it.  She is 7 years old girl now and we celebrated her birthday in Sakae Sushi as she like the moving sushi conveyor.  We also bought a Baskin Robbin cake for her.
Frozen ballon for her.  She loves it so much

We bought a tablet for her...a birthday present for Daddy and Mummy

A treat from Sarawak

My mum and brother went back to Miri last weekend for Ching Ming festival.  So, my ordering for them to bring back all my favourite.   Of course i order the brinjal asam, mee kolok (cooked & uncooked) kicap sarawak, laksa sarawak paste and etc

Brinjal asam...yummy

Finally my brother managed to find this Kampua from Sibu....can't wait to cook. I miss Sibu Kampua