Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

I should wish Merry Christmas even it is one week ago but I think it is not too late but today is the last day of 2015.

I know that 2016 is a very difficult year for us as everything will be very tough.  I plan to buy new car but I put it on hold as I know that it is not easy for us in 2016.

Cyn will be sitting for PT3 in 2016 and I wish her all the best and Maine will be in Standard 2 and she will be going to daycare now as my mum went back to my hometown for good.

picture from

It was a long overdue post and .....

Today is 31/12/2015 and still have so many outstanding item to post in my blog

I went to Bangkok with my 2 friends for shopping and we really enjoy ourselves there.  We went to Bangkok in November since 3 of us was born in this is how we celebrate our birthday these year.

After my trip to Bangkok, a month later, I went back to Miri, beloved on hometown for a break.  I was lucky this year as I manage to find my beloved Dabai....i m loving also enjoy themselves there with their cousins.

It was a long weekend on Christmas holiday...4 we went to Bukit Gambang in Kuantan for a short trip.  We enjoy ourselves at the safari as we are kept inside the "cage" while the animal is running around....hahhaha

It was a wonderful year for me as I m putting on weight ....hahhaha...not a good sign and I know that but chinese will said fat is "hock" mean good.  Just another excuses for me....

I know that I have been making the same resolution that is to be slimmer but I just can't resist food....oppss just forget about it and be healthy.  Things are getting more expensive, even my yoga class fee will increase by RM20 next year but my salary increase ???? any story about it ???
Sarawak - Dabai

Sarawak - ABC Campur

Sarawak - Maine and her cousin....3 years different

Bukit Gambang - Ostrich & Zebra

Bukit Gambang - Deer

Bukit Gambang - Malayan Tiger

Bangkok - Mango

Bangkok - Big Durian


Bangkok - Kueh Chap

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It is November again

Ya, November again and it is almost year end.
So, for my birthday celebration, we went to The Ship restaurant in Damansara for our dinner.  Actually it was my first birthday dinner that my hubby bring me 20 years ago and we went back again after 20 years with our 2 beloved girls.
We really enjoy the dinner.  As for my birthday present.....he bought me a perfume and I love it.
He bought me Miracle and I really falling in love with it.

His birthday is coming and I still thinking for his present.

Picture from google.  I love the smell

Thursday, 22 October 2015


I have been joining yoga classes since last year and it is not an easy task to follow but after a year I have catch up some of the pose but still need a lot of improvement.  My yoga class is every Wednesday night or Sunday morning.  Actually my office also have yoga class early this year but it stop after few month because of no participants.  It is fully paid by company and so it is free but still our staff doesn't want to join.  At least I will have 2 yoga classes - one in office every Friday & one on my own.

But now my colleague download some work-out & zumba video and our teacher is the video but the response is also very low but since no money involved so it is still on every Mon, Wed & Friday.

So I will join the work-out/zumba on Mon & Fri, Yoga on my own every Wed / Sun and sometime I will go jogging on Saturday with my friends.

Picture from google

Monday, 12 October 2015


Ya....saving....don't worry, I m not talking about saving money as I also not good in that.

Let's go and watch movie....
Saving Mr Wu....starring Andy Lau.  I have free ticket after I signed us with TGV movie club, 2 tickets and 1 set of regular our movie last Saturday is free (ya,,,,,saving money)...visit the website at to find out more

Nice movie by Andy Lau and I love his movie.

Saving Mr Wu

TGV movie club

Free 2 tickets  & 1 set of regular popcorn

I should entitle for free ticket next month because it is my birthday.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Yummy chocolate cookies

It was public holiday yesterday so I decided to bake cake and cookies for the girls.

I bake marble cake and chocolate cookies.  I bake the marble cake for my neighbour as she gave me mooncake and she don't want me to return mooncake for her.  So, I was thinking what to give her in return and I feel like doing homemade marble cake is the best idea.  So, the recipe is here

No photo for the cake.  As for cookies,  I made chocolate cookies and my family love it.  I just the chocolate mixed from the bakery shop and mix with butter and it is done.

Yummy cookies

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Last weekend activities

School holiday is here again for one week but we have no plan to go anywhere.  We just bring the girls to Sunway Pyramid.

We have our lunch at Mr Teppanyaki but the food is not nice, the meat is so dry and it is tasteless.  After our lunch we went to the roadshow of Hotel Transylvania, Maine did the colouring and she entitled for tatoo after she finish her colouring.

Not much shopping but the girls enjoying their time at Popular Bookstore.

We have our dinner Fong Lye Taiwanese Cuisine and the food taste nice.

Stewed beef tang hun

Hotel Transylyania
Tomorrow is public holiday and I will not on leave on Friday.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Management Review at Clubmed, Cherating

Last weekend, our company organised the 2015 review in Clubmed, Cherating.  The meeting was a bit stressful but after the meeting we really enjoy ourselves with the activities and of course the F&B.

We started our journey at 6.30am and 2 stops and we reach Clubmed around 1.30pm.  The customer service were great but one thing I wish to highlight was their room.  Their room is quite far and their lighting was bad and certain area was too dark at night.  We are warned by the manager about the monkeys around our chalets and for my case, I heard people knocking on my room and my roommate asked "Who is that?" no reply and immediately I opened the door and I saw 2 monkeys in front of my door......

However, we look the activities and we also look the beach .....

Nice swimming pool

nice beach

All of us really enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Yaah....Hari Raya and happy holiday

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the muslim friends and happy holiday to all.

In Malaysia, we are glad to see our other religion friends celebration their festival.

For this festival, we are not going anywhere.....we be at home and doing cleaning.

We love minion so let's minion and our family wish you Selamat Hari Raya !!!!

Image from google.   

Monday, 6 July 2015

Another trip again !!!

Another trip to Melaka again ! That was the statement from my other place to go ? we better sleep at home !!!  Young teenager !!! have her own thinking!!! I told her, we will taste different food and we go for different things ...

We stayed in Bayou Lagoon Resort Park...quite far from town but the service is lousy and the water park is so small and the water is so dirty.  One of the recreation staff shouted at us because we used the wrong entrance and he was also shouting at others customer for bring food.  I forget to get his name.

Everything must pay in the park.  They have 9D theater and we thought we must try Cyn and Dad went as Maine is too scary to go as she was frighten with the one in Sunway.  They paid RM 16/pax and the movie is only 5 mins ....I think it is too ridiculous for RM16 for 5 mins only.  Both of them went and they said it was nothing....and not scary at all....Please don't go to the 9D !!!! waste of time and MONEY.

On the 2nd day after we check out we went to 3D museum, as the inhouse guest we still have to pay RM10/adult and RM8/child....but the kids really enjoyed the 3D museum.

For our food, we have satay celup before we went to Portuguese Settlement for after sunset and they enjoyed the view there.

Stall 10 - J&J....Portuguese Settlement - Baked fish 

Portuguese Curry - yummy 

3D museum

Uncle Joes Mango juice...nice ...they put assam boi inside the juice....must try

Cendol at Ah Ma restaurant ...nice but very sweet...long queue 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trip to Bali

Back to work today after 4 days of annual leave.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we are travelling for our anniversary.   We bought the ticket a year ago and finally the days has come....we are going to Bali on for our 15th years anniversary.  I enjoyed my trip very much.  We stayed in Alam Bidaduri and the service was good.  We enjoyed our private pool... :)

Our room

Our dinner - we call for room service

Kintamani volcano

Coffee farm

Honeymoon cake - compliment from hotel

Waiting for Sunset

Trip to Turtle island

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May is here & Long Weekend

Ya...May is here...Cyn's birthday is coming and our wedding anniversary is coming and we are going for a short holiday my hubby.
We just come back from 4 days long weekend but the work in office is piling up.
We went to Sekinchan for a day trip and the traffic jammed is just like in highway.  I didn't know that they are so many people were going to Sekinchan.  We have seafood before we walked to Pantai Redang in Sekinchan.  We walked for about 30 mins but if we drive I think it will take us at least 40 mins as the jammed is horrible.

We went to Sekinchan on 1 May and for rest 3 days we didn't go any other place beside watching Avengers.
I love Sekinchan

Beach at Sekinchan

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Restaurant Lan Je in Kota Kemuning

This restaurant is already in town for many years but this is the 2nd time I was trying it.  The first time was with my friend few days ago and I like the taste of the fish and I brought my hubby for 2nd trying after 2 days after that as he likes to eat fish.

The taste of ginger is so hot and my hubby is loving it.
Besides these steamed fish, we also ordered tauhu and one vege.
My hubby said, we shall order one fish per person as he prefer extra hot and I can only take normal hot.  We can skip the tauhu the next round.

Lan Jie Steam Fish

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Long Weekend and we are going for holiday soon

Long weekend is coming and I am so busy at work as there are too many things to complete before month end and early next month.

For this long weekend, we are not planning to go anywhere....will be in town as the 2 girls will be busy with their exam soon.  I will be on leave sooooooooon as we are going for holiday.  So, all the tasks and reports must finish before I go on leave.

Air ticket - check-in done
Luggage - not done
Taxi - not done

more things to be done...

Where am I going ?  Will post on my holiday after I return

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dragon-i and Movie

We have been eating out very frequently for dinner as I seldom cook due to work commitment.  I have been coming back late recently so I will ask my hubby to pack dinner for the kids.  I will be busy during early of the month and end of the month.  But, last Saturday my hubby insisted we went out for dinner after he come back for Terengganu for Ching Ming festival. So, he treat us a dinner at Dragon-i as they are facing a RM1 chicken promotion.

On Sunday, we left our 2 girls at home with their grandma and uncle while we went for movie.  We went and watch Fast and Furious 7 at MBO cinema.  A dating with my hubby with a very touching movie.  We will celebrate our 15th years anniversary next month and we will have a good plan next month.

Siew Loong girls love it
RM1 Chicken Promotion
RM1 chicken promotion.  Picture from Dragon-i website.