Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Selamat Hari Merdeka

Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya akan menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia untuk post kali ini.  Esok merupakan Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke-60.  Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia selamat bercuti dan Selamat Hari Raya Haji.
Saya juga ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada semua altet-altet kita yang berjuang di SEA yang ke-29.  Tahniah.
Sempena cuti yang panjang kami sekeluarga juga akan pergi bercuti.

Image from Google

Image from Google

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Throwback - School holiday - June 2017

We made a trip to Singapore to visit my sister with my mum and my 2 girls. My 2 girls are very excited as they are very close with her.  She has been staying with me before she got married and shifted to Singapore.  So, the 2 girls has grown up with her.  She invited us to go and visit her because she just bought a new house last year. 
We were there for 4d3n and we don’t really visit a lot of places.  Our RM drop so badly and you will feel that everything are so expensive there.

Marina Bay night view


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Prawn Yee Mee in Claypot - Pandamaran Hawker Street

It was very famous recently as we keep on see people post this stall in facebook.  I use visit this stall for our dinner but I did not notice that it is so famous need to wait to get a seat now.

This stall sell soup noodle and prawn noodle which is serve in claypot.  Steaming hot and spicy. Love the taste.

They also selling fried lala and oyster.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

I'm new ..................

I left the company which I worked for 4 years 4 months for better opportunities.  This new company is a construction company based in Shah Alam.

I hope that it is a better start for me.  I started the new workplace on 1 Aug 2017.  The whole office is a bit dull.