Tuesday, 21 March 2017

MIA - Missing In Action

Hi...I was missing for almost 9 months.  Was too lazy or too busy.  I believe both.

Actually, nothing much to update recently.  We went Hong Kong in Nov 2016 and my two girls are super excited.  Then, we went back to Miri, Sarawak for our CNY this year.  A great celebration as all of the sibling went back this year.

No photos to show as all the photos are in my husband's handphone.

My hubby also changed a new job in end of last year and look like he is happy with it.  Today is Maine's birthday and she is turning 9th while Cyn will be celebrating her sweet 16th birthday this year.  Still a long journey for her.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

It was so long ago

Hi ...I am back after missing for so long.
What happen ? actually nothing happen.  I am still doing good but tired with work.
When I have spare time, i will like to relax and forget about my blog.  I know it is bad.  Hope to start blogging again.

We went to Redang during June school holiday and we had a wonderful time there.

Will post some photos soon.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

I should wish Merry Christmas even it is one week ago but I think it is not too late but today is the last day of 2015.

I know that 2016 is a very difficult year for us as everything will be very tough.  I plan to buy new car but I put it on hold as I know that it is not easy for us in 2016.

Cyn will be sitting for PT3 in 2016 and I wish her all the best and Maine will be in Standard 2 and she will be going to daycare now as my mum went back to my hometown for good.

picture from

It was a long overdue post and .....

Today is 31/12/2015 and still have so many outstanding item to post in my blog

I went to Bangkok with my 2 friends for shopping and we really enjoy ourselves there.  We went to Bangkok in November since 3 of us was born in this is how we celebrate our birthday these year.

After my trip to Bangkok, a month later, I went back to Miri, beloved on hometown for a break.  I was lucky this year as I manage to find my beloved Dabai....i m loving also enjoy themselves there with their cousins.

It was a long weekend on Christmas holiday...4 we went to Bukit Gambang in Kuantan for a short trip.  We enjoy ourselves at the safari as we are kept inside the "cage" while the animal is running around....hahhaha

It was a wonderful year for me as I m putting on weight ....hahhaha...not a good sign and I know that but chinese will said fat is "hock" mean good.  Just another excuses for me....

I know that I have been making the same resolution that is to be slimmer but I just can't resist food....oppss just forget about it and be healthy.  Things are getting more expensive, even my yoga class fee will increase by RM20 next year but my salary increase ???? any story about it ???
Sarawak - Dabai

Sarawak - ABC Campur

Sarawak - Maine and her cousin....3 years different

Bukit Gambang - Ostrich & Zebra

Bukit Gambang - Deer

Bukit Gambang - Malayan Tiger

Bangkok - Mango

Bangkok - Big Durian


Bangkok - Kueh Chap

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It is November again

Ya, November again and it is almost year end.
So, for my birthday celebration, we went to The Ship restaurant in Damansara for our dinner.  Actually it was my first birthday dinner that my hubby bring me 20 years ago and we went back again after 20 years with our 2 beloved girls.
We really enjoy the dinner.  As for my birthday present.....he bought me a perfume and I love it.
He bought me Miracle and I really falling in love with it.

His birthday is coming and I still thinking for his present.

Picture from google.  I love the smell

Thursday, 22 October 2015


I have been joining yoga classes since last year and it is not an easy task to follow but after a year I have catch up some of the pose but still need a lot of improvement.  My yoga class is every Wednesday night or Sunday morning.  Actually my office also have yoga class early this year but it stop after few month because of no participants.  It is fully paid by company and so it is free but still our staff doesn't want to join.  At least I will have 2 yoga classes - one in office every Friday & one on my own.

But now my colleague download some work-out & zumba video and our teacher is the video but the response is also very low but since no money involved so it is still on every Mon, Wed & Friday.

So I will join the work-out/zumba on Mon & Fri, Yoga on my own every Wed / Sun and sometime I will go jogging on Saturday with my friends.

Picture from google

Monday, 12 October 2015


Ya....saving....don't worry, I m not talking about saving money as I also not good in that.

Let's go and watch movie....
Saving Mr Wu....starring Andy Lau.  I have free ticket after I signed us with TGV movie club, 2 tickets and 1 set of regular our movie last Saturday is free (ya,,,,,saving money)...visit the website at to find out more

Nice movie by Andy Lau and I love his movie.

Saving Mr Wu

TGV movie club

Free 2 tickets  & 1 set of regular popcorn

I should entitle for free ticket next month because it is my birthday.