Friday, 25 September 2015

Yummy chocolate cookies

It was public holiday yesterday so I decided to bake cake and cookies for the girls.

I bake marble cake and chocolate cookies.  I bake the marble cake for my neighbour as she gave me mooncake and she don't want me to return mooncake for her.  So, I was thinking what to give her in return and I feel like doing homemade marble cake is the best idea.  So, the recipe is here

No photo for the cake.  As for cookies,  I made chocolate cookies and my family love it.  I just the chocolate mixed from the bakery shop and mix with butter and it is done.

Yummy cookies

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Last weekend activities

School holiday is here again for one week but we have no plan to go anywhere.  We just bring the girls to Sunway Pyramid.

We have our lunch at Mr Teppanyaki but the food is not nice, the meat is so dry and it is tasteless.  After our lunch we went to the roadshow of Hotel Transylvania, Maine did the colouring and she entitled for tatoo after she finish her colouring.

Not much shopping but the girls enjoying their time at Popular Bookstore.

We have our dinner Fong Lye Taiwanese Cuisine and the food taste nice.

Stewed beef tang hun

Hotel Transylyania
Tomorrow is public holiday and I will not on leave on Friday.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Management Review at Clubmed, Cherating

Last weekend, our company organised the 2015 review in Clubmed, Cherating.  The meeting was a bit stressful but after the meeting we really enjoy ourselves with the activities and of course the F&B.

We started our journey at 6.30am and 2 stops and we reach Clubmed around 1.30pm.  The customer service were great but one thing I wish to highlight was their room.  Their room is quite far and their lighting was bad and certain area was too dark at night.  We are warned by the manager about the monkeys around our chalets and for my case, I heard people knocking on my room and my roommate asked "Who is that?" no reply and immediately I opened the door and I saw 2 monkeys in front of my door......

However, we look the activities and we also look the beach .....

Nice swimming pool

nice beach

All of us really enjoyed ourselves.