Tuesday, 30 October 2012

November is coming again

November.  I simply love November. Why ? Just refresh here.

My birthday is coming and my hubby asked me to decide where to go for dinner and I have yet to tell him my answer.  Where to go for dinner ya ???  It doesn't matter where we are going for dinner, as long as he remember my birthday....heheheheh...

I already received my birthday present this year.  I bought a new handbag last weekend and he said he paid for it and treat it as my birthday present.  Hubby, thank you and I love you.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Haji and Happy Holiday

I would like to wish all Selamat Hari Raya Haji and happy long weekend to all.  3 days holiday...what to do?

I have a wedding dinner to attend on Sunday at Sekinchan....Wah ! Sekinchan ! The dinner starts at 5pm and according to my friend, we have to leave Klang at 3pm. Wah ! I just can't believe it.  This is the first time I am attending dinner at Sekinchan.  It is an old friend wedding so definitely we will go.  Both of us (hubby and me) know this guy for many years.

Besides this, I have no other plan.  Maybe not going anywhere because my little Maine is having exam on Monday.  Wah, sound so serious, right ? EXAM....anyway, she is only 4 yrs old.  Take it easy Mum.  Will just do simple revision with her at home during the weekend.

Enjoy your holiday too...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Trip to Singapore - Photos

Here are some of the photos during our trip to Singapore.


Clarke Quay

It is beautiful at night

Jumbo grilled sotong

Marina Bay

Merlion Park


My 2 greedy princesses

Bridegroom & bride with Cyn & Maine.  May they live happily forever.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Trip to Singapore

September is a busy month for my family.  The reason being is my sister got married.  Then why I am so busy body ?  She is getting married at Singapore and she just migrated there few months ago.  Therefore, she needs our help here to buy some of the wedding stuff.  So, every weekend we will bring my mum around the town for shopping and of course, we shop for our clothing also to attend her wedding.

I was extremely busy on the last week of the month where I was on leave most of the days.  My eldest brother came from Sarawak and I took one day off to fetch him from airport and bring him for last minutes shopping.  Her wedding is on Wednesday and the dinner is held on Saturday.   My mum, elder brother & youngest went to Singapore on Tuesday morning and I went with my little Maine on Tuesday night after work.  My hubby & Cyn are not joining us for her wedding session.  I came to KL on the next day and continue working on Thursday.  Some of you may think why I have to rush ?  The reason is I can't get leave and I was on unpaid leave. 

I went to Singapore again on Friday morning with hubby, Cyn & Maine.  We touched down at Changi Airport at about 12noon.  My sister and her father in law were already there waiting for us.  We went straight to our hotel in Balestair Road.  Mum and 2 brothers were there waiting for us as they just arrived from JB.  They went to JB and stayed there for 1 night.  After checking in, we went for our lunch at the nearby food court called Whampoa Food Court about 10 minutes walking from our hotel.  After lunch we went to Chinatown for sight seeing.  We also bought some souvenirs for our friends in Malaysia.

On the second day of our arrival, we were brought to Bugis Street and nearby shopping complex.  Then we proceed to Merlion park.  The scenery was so beautiful.  It was just half day tour because we have to get back to the hotel to get ourselves ready for the dinner that night.  I managed to get my hair wash & blow at the saloon nearby our hotel.  It charged my SGD 9.80, is it reasonable ?  Dinner was at Yan Palace Restaurant in Chinatown.  I rate the food 7/10 and the environment 7/10 and the service 9/10.

On our 3rd day, we went to Sentosa but we didn't go to Universal because my little Maine is not ready for all the excitement.  Plan for next trip when she is bigger.  We spend almost whole half day in Sentosa till the kids complained that they are tired.  We moved to another hotel on the 3rd day which is nearer to airport.

The thrill comes on the 3rd day.  Mum was complaining of not feeling well after dinner.  She said she was very tired at the food court and said want to go back to the hotel for a rest.  However, when she wanted to move, she fainted and luckily my sister, brother in law & eldest brother were there to hold her.  She was semi conscious after that and we brought her to the clinic nearby by cab.  She was conscious when we bring to clinic and she response to our questions. Waited for the doctor for about 30 minutes and she claimed that she was very sleepy and just wanted to sleep.  The doctor said nothing much he can do and he called an ambulance.  Ambulance arrived after 10 minutes and she was sent to Changi General Hospital at about 9.30pm.  I was with in the ambulance.  In the hospital, they CT Scan, blood test and ECG on her and all tested to be OK.  We were there (only my sister, her husband and me) for almost 5 hours.  Doctor allowed to discharge her because I told the doctor that we are going back to Malaysia the next day.   She was fine and was conscious when we brought her back.  She woke up fine the next day.

We check out at about 8am and headed straight to airport as our flight to KL is 12.30pm.  It is really an enjoyable and unforgettable experience spending 5 hours in Changi GH.

Will post some photos soon.