Saturday, 23 February 2013

Chap Goh Mei

Chap Goh Mei is the 15th day of first month in chinese calender.  It is also known as Chinese Valentine Day. 

This Sunday (24/2) is Chap Goh Mei and for the dinner, I am not going to cook as much as I did for CNY eve.  Cooking so much means eating too much. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

CNY Reunion Dinner

This year we are in Klang again to celebrate CNY.  Not going back to Terengganu because my MIL is here to be with us.  However, my mum is back to Sarawak to be with my eldest brother.  My sister is married therefore, she is with her husband in Singapore.  My youngest brother is here with me this year.  If I am in Klang celebrating CNY, I am the one will be in charge of the reunion dinner.  Even only 6 of us here, I still cooked the same amount of dishes.  I just love cooking for my family.  So, the menu of the night

1) Stomach pig soup with fish maw
2) Roasted pork (siew yuk). I got the recipe from here.  A very easy to follow recipe and you will never get it wrong.
3) Steamed chicken
4) Roasted duck (I bought this)
5) Mixed mushroom
6) Mixed vegetable
7) Stir fried Chinese leek with pork belly
8) Steamed garlic prawn
9) Teo chew steamed fish
10) Fried noodle
11) Ngo hiang (This is made by my MIL).

Total 11 dishes and I am so happy as they really enjoyed the food.  Let see the photos below

Part of the food. The steamed fish is still in the steamer.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to my beloved hubby and 2 lovely daughters.  Love you all so much.

picture from google
and Happy Valentine to all of you.
For hubby & me, we don't celebrate this day since we are married 13 years ago but we normally make it a point to treat ourselves with a movie.  Only 2 of us, just like during our dating time.  Even we are married for almost 13 years, but we always spare some quality time together.  We will leave the 2 lovely girls with their granny or uncle.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.
This year is snake year and Cyn was born 12 years ago.  This is her year so I hope that she will do well in her coming UPSR.
Huat  ah !!!
I will be on leave from today (8/2/12) and the whole week next week.  Will be back to work on Monday (18/2/13).
Hope this year is a better year for me and family and for everyone.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Pre CNY Family Dinner

We had an early CNY dinner on Monday.  Since my mum is going back to Sarawak this Sunday, I decided to have an early CNY dinner with her.  We had our dinner at New Formosa Restaurant in SS2, PJ.   Let's see the photos.

Crispy Fried Prawn

OMG! so blur.  Pork trotter

Steam fish with bean paste sauce (not sure the actual name)

L-R : Mum, Cyn, Maine & MIL
Hope mum has a safe journey back to Miri this Sunday.  She will be away for 2 months.

Overall, we like the food there.  It is a Taiwanese food restaurant.  We ordered abt 8 dishes include dessert but only managed to take 3 photos as we too hungry.



Last Friday, I received a call from Jobscentral and telling me that I won a COACH handbag for participating in their Workplace Happiness Survey.  I remember that I submitted the survey somewhere last year but I can't really remember is there any prizes for that survey.  I also never dream to win anything because I never win before even thought I have entered many contests.  I normally just entered for fun. I was still blur when Ms Penny from Jobscentral told me that I won a COACH bag and she told me that I need to go to her office personally within 7 days to collect my prize.

So, I took 1 day off yesterday to go to Jobscentral office located at Seri Kembangan to collect my COACH bag.  I am so excited.  Since I am going alone and I am not familiar with the route to Seri Kembangan, I decided to go by train.  I took a train from Klang station to KL Sentral and get another train to Serdang.  When I reached Serdang station, I get a cab to get to their office.  A very long journey but it is worth !

When I reached Jobscentral office, Ms Penny verified my IC and she handed over the bag to me...I was so excited and can't wait to hold it.  Let see my new and free COACH handbag.  Can use it for the coming CNY. 

Edited : A free advertisement for Jobscentral
For those who are looking for job, don't forget to register yourself at