Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A great Wednesday

I am on leave today.  Just take a day off and this is part of my leave clearing activities.  It is a busy day for me but I think it is worth the tiredness for me.  I start my day at 8am by sending my little Maine to kindy then I went to TNB to submit my claim on the spoilt electrical items.

I left TNB, Jalan Meru at around 9.45am then I headed to AEON Bukit Tinggi to survey for my hb's birthday gift.  I have no idea what to buy for him and I did asked him what he wanted for his birthday but he just keep quiet.  Tough job.  I came back empty handed as I have to rush back to fetch Maine at 11.45am. After that we went and fetch Cyn at her school and it is raining so heavily.  We came back to our housing area to have our lunch.  The 2 girls are happy because today mum is their driver and they can enjoyed their lunch outside.

At 5pm, I start preparing for dinner as there few ingredient need to be done before hand.  By the time I finished preparing, it is already almost 7.30pm, what a fruitful day for me.  Too busy and tired to take photo today.

Cheers and happy Wednesday to all.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sushi bread making project

Cyn was excited after she learnt how to make sushi bread from school and she insisted to make it for me to try.  She start shopping for the ingredient when we make our usual trip to the nearby hypermarket.

The ingredients needed are bread, cucumber, carrot, sausages, omelette, mayonise and seaweed.  Use a pin roll to flatten the bread, spread enough mayonise, lay the piece of seaweed and arrange the other ingredient (cut the cucumber and carrot into strip) and roll it like rolling sushi.  Cut it into 4 pieces. Done.

Since its look so cute and presentable, I make it for Maine to bring to her kindy during the children day celebration on 1 Nov.

This is the result.

Company Trip and Gala Dinner 2013

I mentioned about my company annual dinner in one of my post last month at Gold Coast Morib.  I was busy with the preparation as I am one of the committee member cum emcee.  I am glad everything was going on smoothly as planned and I am also happy peopl are quite receptive on my performance.  Besides that, I also took part in staff performance with the executive team.  

We performed a funny midget dance
This is our performance and we are the champion team.  How it works ?  It needs 2 person to form a pair and I acted as the hand (2nd from the right) and my partner (the front person) hand will be her pair of leg.  Need a lots of coordination.

A very interesting event and I really enjoyed so much during the whole show even I didn't get anything for the lucky draw.

For more scenery, go to my post here

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus friends.  I know it is late but better late than never.

Image from google

Sunday, 3 November 2013

It is November again!

Time flies. It is November again.  I just realise that I only have one post in October.  Another 2 months we will say sayonara to 2013 and welcome 2014.

Ok, a very quick post from my room. My birthday has just pass 2 days ago,  This year, I celebrate my birthday with my colleague.  We went to Shogun, Sunway Pyramid to celebrate our victory as champion in staff performance for the annual dinner recently.  It was success event.

As for my loved one, he has to wait to treat me on the next day.  We went to Paradigm Mall for lunch at Sukiya Restaurant, also a Japanses buffet dining.

This year, my birthday present is perfume from Lancome.  I simply love it.