Monday, 29 April 2013

House Key

This key thingy story was haunting me since last Friday.  I called the developer last Monday and the clerk told me that I can go to their office to collect my new house key.  Wah !!!! finally !!!  So, hb & I took leave on Friday and went to the developer office in PJ.  We reached there at about 11.15am.  The developer office is so nice and cosy but...the nightmare starts !

The receiptionist greeted us after I introduced myself and she asked us to get a seat while she gets the documents and keys ready for us.  So, we wait and wait and wait.  After waited for about 15-20 minutes, she came and told us that she can't find our house key as it might has given to another owner while she was away yesterday.  I was shocked !! I asked how can she gave the keys to other people as all the keys are labelled.  So she started la with all the grandmother & grandfather stories.  To cut it short, I told her we purposely take leave to come all the way from Klang so she said maybe her senior can help but her senior will only come in at 12pm.  So, I told her we will wait for her as it is about quarter to 12pm.  We waited till 12.30pm, there are no signs of her senior coming, so I told her we will go for lunch at the food court.  Luckily after lunch, her senior came but still told us the same stories but she promised us that she will get her friend to exchange the key with the owner and pass the key to us by the next day (Saturday).

So, we went back with getting the key, but we still went to few places to survey the price for grille and kitchen cabinet.  I have to go to office on Saturday for Fire Fighting Training and my hb is working.  On Saturday, I waited till noon for the lady to call me.  I called her during my lunch time at 1pm and she said she will get her friend to call me immediately to arrange to handover the key to my hb.  After about 15 mins, her friend called and said she will wait for my hb at our new house to handover the key.  Key taken by hb and I asked him to call one of the grille guy to come do the measurement.  The guy said he will come at 4pm.  Another nightmare comes, the lady's friend called me again after 15 mins and said that is not my key, she supposed to give that bunch of key to other owner and get my key from them !!! Wah!!! I was so angry !!!

The other owner can only come to exchange the key at 7pm....and said no because the grille guy is coming to take the measurement at 4pm.....I think she can hear that I am really angry and she said she will tried her best.  She called again and the other owner will come a 5pm.  Phewww !!!!

I reached home after the training around 4.45pm and she called to said that we can collect our key now.  Went there and exchange the key and finally yes finally we got our house key after so much of hassle.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Family Weekend Activities

Yesterday, we had our late breakfast and early lunch or BRUNCH at Taman Berkeley, Klang.  After the heavy brunch, we went for grocery shopping at Carrefour or now it is known as AEON Big at Jalan Kapar Klang.  They change their corporate colour to ORANGE and and you see the whole hypermarket is so orangy.  A very nice and refreshing colour.

Our brunch at Restoran Bak Kut Teh Yeap Heng.  They also serve other menu beside  BKT.
I still had 2 coupon that I bought from living social so we head to Jalan Meru (near Klang Parade) for our afternoon break.  After the cooling tea break, we went to Klang Parade.  It is been a while we never been to Klang Parade and we found out that a lot of shop are having closing down sales.  So I went and asked one of the shop assistant in the electrical shop.  He told me that the shopping mall is going to close for renovation.  So, all the shops are to move out to give way for renovation.  We managed to grab a good bargain in the electrical shop.  We booked a 500 litres fridge for only RM2099.  A Korean made brand.  This new fridge is for our new house.

My 2 darlings posing with their bowl of snow ice

Our afternoon tea break

My angel Maine posing like a model in the poster.  

We had a wonderful and tired Sunday. The 2 girls are enjoying themselves.  

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

GE 13

Election is the hottest topic now in Malaysia.  Everyone is guessing when is the polling date.  Finally it is announce today.  So, the polling date is on 5 May 2013 (Sunday).  This will be my 2nd time casting my vote and I will definitely go and exercise my right as a citizen.  Eventhought I am Sarawakian but I have change my IC address to Selangor so I don't have to travel so far, the polling station is nearby my house only.

My hubby will be going back to Kuala Terengganu to cast his vote.  I just did the air ticket booking for him.

Image from

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sarawak Trip - Sibu & Miri

I was in Sarawak for 4 days with my 2 lovely girls, mum, sister & her hubby and my younger brother.  We fly to Miri on 27 March.  Then, the following day, we (elder bro, younger bro, sister & her hb and I) drove to Sibu for Ching Ming.  The journey took us 6 hours with one stop at Bintulu town for breakfast.  I have not been to Sibu for almost 17 years because my family settled down in Miri after my sister finished her secondary school.  It was a wonderful trip and I really cannot recognise Sibu anymore.  I was there only for one night.  We head back to Miri after our lunch in Sibu the next day.

Kampua Mee - Sibu speciality.  I also bought some Kompia from Sibu but never take the photo.

Sibu Heritage Centre.  This used to be an empty space when I was studying in Sibu.

Taman 1Malaysia at Bukit Aup, Sibu. 
I was too busy hunting for Sibu's food and had no time to take photo.  We went to pasar malam but I notice that the food that sold there never change since the last time I went.

I also manage to meet one of my old classmate.  She is teaching is Kuching now and was in Sibu for school holiday.  I am happy she is able to spare her time to meet me.  Thanks Lau Bee.

My sister & her hubby stayed in Parkcity Everly Hotel in Miri because my elder brother's house cannot occupied all of us.  So, I brought my 2 girls for swimming before they check out on Saturday morning.

Maine posing at child pool

The 2 sisters

View from hotel room

Miri beach but I don't know the name.

Another view from hotel room
We took the last flight back to KL on Saturday and we had a wonderful time there.  To my friends who spare their times to meet me in Sibu & Miri, thank you very much.  Sorry for not be able to spend more time with you all.  Don't worry, I will be back !! hahahaha