Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chinese New Year Celebration in Klang

This year we didn't go back to Kuala Terengganu (my beloved hubby's hometown) because I don't enough leave.  I will start work on the 4th day of CNY.  3rd day of CNY is compulsory leave declare by my company. I have to keep my leave for my holiday in May & August.  Pity me....sob!sob!sob!
But I enjoyed the celebration here in Klang because I am fully in charge of the kitchen and my family can also ordered what they like to eat for CNY reunion dinner.  Sorry, no photos for the dinner as I was too busy in the kitchen.

On 1at day of CNY, we went to Kuan Yin Temple in Klang town and it is our routine every year.

Cyn & Maine at the Temple

Lion Dance to celebrate the Water Dragon
On the 2nd day of CNY, we went for movie at MBO, Harbour Place in Port Klang.  We watched I Love Hong Kong 2 but it is not the worth watching but still good for the children.
On 3rd day of CNY, I asked my mum to teach me how to make Acar Timun (Sarawak's version).  I will post the recipe later.
And on the 4th day CNY, I started work and join the company "Kai Kong" lunch at Friend's Restaurant at Kota Kemuning.
Office was quiet because most of the colleagues are still on leave.  My hubby will start work on Friday.
On 6th day, we went to hubby's sister house in Damansara for visiting.  After that we brought the kids to 1 Utama and we had our dinner at Chilli's Restaurant.
On 7th day, we were at home relaxing as the kids will be starting school on the next day.  Hubby & I went for movie after dinner.  We wanted to watch "The Viral Factor" as it is filmed in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


HFMD stands for Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease.  My little Maine is diagnosed with HFMD yesterday.  Therefore, she has to be isolated from school.  She is just into her 3rd week of schooling, now has to stop going to school till after CNY.  Pity her.
To know about HFMD, refer here.
Hope she will recovers soon and can celebrate CNY happily.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

CNY preparation

Another one week to Chinese New Year which will fall on 23 January 2012.  This year is dragon and a very meaning full for me.  I was married to my dearly hubby 12 years ago which is also dragon year.  We will be celebrating our 12th year anniversary this year.

This year, we didn't go back to my hubby hometown.  We decided to celebrate it here in Klang.  I also didn't bake any cookies this year but as usual, I will make Ngaku chip and mini popiah.  I also make Crispy Seaweed this year for me to give away to my office colleagues.  Hope they like it.
Will post the photos once all done.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

1st day in School

Today hubby and I take half day leave just to send our beloved Maine to kindergarten.  Her face a bit worried in the morning.  When I sent her to her class she was steady only, never cry.  But, when I try to move away, I saw her face changed and start crying.  I was in her kindergarten till her class over at 10.30am.  This week she finishes early and next week onward only go back at 12.00pm.
I will still on half day leave tomorrow to ensure that she fine there.
Still steady
Dad, mum and jie jie Cyn wish you all the best in your schooling day.  Don't cry again ok !!! Sayang, baby.
As for Cyn, she is in Standard 5 this year, she is a steady girl, I don't have to worry about her.  She never cry when I sent her to kindergarten at 4 years old.  She is an independent girl.  She will be sitting for UPSR next year.  Hope she will study hard.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 1st post

I started blogging in May 2011 when I find some times in my ex-company.  Means I am very free there till I have time for blogging in office.  It means my blog is 7 months old now.  I have 55 posts ranging for foods, holidays, my lovely family and others.  I left my ex-company in end of Aug 2011 and join the new company in Sept 2011. Even though I don't have much time for blogging now as I definitely don't have time for blogging in my new office but I will still try to blog about what happen in my life when I am free.

2012 will be a very busy year for me.  Cyn is going to Primary 5 and Maine will start her pre-school when school re-open on 3 Jan 2012.  I will take half day leave from 3-4 Jan and hubby will be on leave on 5 Jan just to ensure Maine is comfortable in her kindergarten.  I just hope that she is as good as her sister.  Cyn never cried in her school days even when she went to kindergarten when she is only 4 years.

My new house is expected to be ready by mid 2012 and I know will be very busy when it is ready.  I will also be going for 2 holidays in 2012.  I will blog about it too when I am back.

I hope 2012 will be a prosperous for everyone and I hope for a peaceful world.

Happy New Year