Monday, 21 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Cyn

Today is Cyn 11th birthday.  She is 11 years old today. So fast !
11 years ago, I am still struggling in the hospital at this hour and finally she was delivered thru c-section.
She is in Standard 5 this year and will be sitting for her UPSR next year.
Daddy, Mummy and sis Charmaine wish you Happy Birthday and may you happy always !  Love you !

Naughty girl

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Medan Part II

The journey heading to Berastagi was about 3 hours.  The scenery was really nice and refreshing.  We stop by at a restaurant for our lunch which serve very famous ginger tea with pisang goreng. We was told that Berastagi is famous of coffee plant.  Berastagi is famous of its volcano.  We stop by Pasar Buah before we checked in at Green Garden Hotel about 2-3 km from Pasar Buah.  In the evening, our tour guide brought us to hot spring but the road heading to there is really terrible and according to him not many tour guide will bring tourist there so we consider ourselves lucky.

After we had our breakfast in the hotel, we went to a Buddhist Temple (I can't remember the name) and it is nearby to the strawberry farm.  They also have self pluck strawberry.  Rp 70,000 for 100gm. Cheap right and it is so much sweeter than Cameron strawberry.  

Self pluck strawberry farm

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We say farewell to Berastagi after plucking the strawberry.  We went back to Medan town and the journey is only about 2 hours.  

The whole journey from Medan to Parapat and to Berastagi open up our eyes about the locals culture.  Some of them are really very poor.  

Our 4 days trip to Medan is really fruitful and our driver cum tour guide is a very nice guy and will highly recommend him to anyone who is going to Medan in future.  The middle man, Pak Saragi is also a nice guy welcome us in the airport and send us off to airport at 4.00am as our flight is at 6.05am.

Actually this trip is our second honeymoon to celebrate our 12th year anniversary which fall on 9 May.  I left  our 2 daughters with my mum.  

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all the mothers.  So, how do you celebrate mother's day ? Going out for dinner ?  I can't imagine how the restaurant will be packed with people.  I told my mum that this year I will not bring her out for dinner because I know there will be a lot of people everywhere.  I told her that I will prepared her favourite dishes.  She love pork so much and I prepared all pork dishes for mother's day dinner.

1) Dong Po Pork (I got the recipe from here). Thanks to Wendy for the wonderful recipe.
2) Mui Choy Kao Yoke  (I got the recipe from here) Thanks to Lily for the wonderful recipe also.
and thirdly is Vinegar Pork Trotter, I got the recipe from the sundry shop lady boss.  I will post the recipe some other day.

Happy mother's day to all and enjoy your dinner !

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Medan Trip Photos

This post I will let the photos do the talking.

View of Lake Toba from Hotel

View from Lake Toba

Entrance to Danau Toba International Cottage, Parapat

Tanjung Unta

Becak - Easily available in Medan

Angkut - Mini van, another mode of transport for the locals

Ting Ting, Tang Tang, Teng Teng, all sorts of peanut sweets 

We have been married for 12 years

Today mark as an important and memorable day for my hubby & me.  We tied our knot on 9 May 2001 and today is our 12th year wedding anniversary.
Hope our marriage will last forever with our 2 lovely daughter.
I love them so much.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Medan Part I

My hubby and I went to Medan, North Sumatra on 1 May to 4 May 2012.  This is my first ever trip to overseas.  This trip is also to celebrate our 12th years wedding anniversary which falls on 9 May. 

We left for Medan at 2.00pm and reached there at 2.00pm also as Malaysia's time is one hour ahead of Medan's time.  Once we reached Polonia Airport, we were greeted by Pak Saragi (the tour guide recommended by a friend who was satisfied with his service during his recent trip to Medan).  Pak Saragi then introduced our driver cum tour guide to us and he will be the person driving us around for the next 3 days.  He is a young and nice man.  Medan city is a very busy city and the traffic is terrible.  Without any further delay, we start our journey to Parapat.  The journey took us 5 hours with only one stop.  

Along the journey, we can see a lot of kampung houses along the road and when we reached Parapat, we were told that majority of the local are Batak Toba.  What surprise us was, their grave is built next to their house.

We had our dinner at Parapat in one of the local restaurant which serve Nasi Padang.  After dinner, we checked in at Danau Toba International Cottage and the hotel is facing Lake Toba.  As it is already dark at 7.30pm, we can't see the view of Lake Toba.  Our room is right in front of the lake with a nice scenery.

We were told to meet at the hotel lobby at 7.30am on the second day for our breakfast before going to Samosir Island.  We have to take a boat from Parapat to Samosir Island which is surrounded by the lake.  The journey by boat is 40 minutes.  After the visit to Samosir Island, we leave for Berastagi.  For Berastagi trip, I will continue in my next post with some photos.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Live post from Medan, North Sumatra

Hi there, a hello from Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia.  No pictures, stories or anything. Just to say hi to all !
Will post more when I back in Malaysia soon.
Salam dari Indonesia.