Friday, 31 October 2014

Age is just a number

It is my birthday again tomorrow. Getting older now and but age is just a number.  We must know how to enjoy ourselves....

Birthday usually my hubby will bring me for dinner but this time we will bring our kids.  Let us see where are we going to tomorrow night and hope to show the photo here.

Happy birthday in advance to me

Simple Dinner

Usually I don't cook on weekday because I leave the kitchen to my mum.  I will be late when I reached home.  But I will give a menu to her so that she don't have to think what to cook.  She followed my menu and do the cooking.

But for weekend, I prefer to cooking something special for them.  I usually will try to cook spicy food for my hubby and my mum will decide not cooking spicy food as she can't take hot food.  I will also cook something no spicy for my little Maine.

Sambal terung ikan bilis, taufu pok, chicken feet and fishball soup

Sambal terung ikan bilis for my hubby
Recipe for Sambal Terung Ikan Bilis

Ingredient :

5 Brinjal (i prefer the small brinjai, can just cut into 2 and fry it)
Sambal (I use prefer and leave it in fridge, will use when necessary)
100gm ikan bilis, clean the heat
1 big onion


1) Cut the brinjal into 2 and fry it till in turn brownish, make sure the brinjal is also cook
2) Remove the brinjal and arrange on the plate
3) Fry the ikan bilis till it is crispy
4) Add on the big onion and fry and lastly add in the sambal
5) Before dish out, add in a bit of asam jawa juice

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Out with Friends

Out with friends....of course not is my eldest girl.  Now she know how to request to go out with her friend.  When she go out, I will give her RM50 for the spending.  I think it is a lot of money for a teenager for her but when she tell me she is going for movie, lunch, karaoke....I think it is not enough.  She finishes her RM50.

Since daddy & mummy has to send her to shopping centre, we have cup of Starbuck before we go for shopping.

Maine posing at Starbuck.

Health Walk and Yoga

We went for Health Walk on 12 Oct 2014 at Bandar Botanic, Klang.

It is in conjunction with World Mental Health Day and the distance around 4km.  The whole family went and my eldest daughter is very excited to join.  She said we should joined this type of event frequently.  No prize giving for walk but everyone receive a goody bag and breakfast.

I also joining yoga now for heath reason.  I went for one class weekly and my office also have yoga class for the staff also on one week once.  So, they are total 2 class for me in a week.

Can't open their eye as they wake up 6.00am on Sunday morning.