Wednesday, 26 April 2017

HHH Thai BBQ Restaurant

A nice bbq Thai steamboat which I love it.  Recommended by Cyn and I fall in love after that.  The tom yam soup is super spicy and my hubby loves the tom yam soup so much.  Usually, we will order clear soup for the first round and make sure Maine is full before we add on tom yam soup for the final round.  You can bbq the food and cooked the ingredient in the soup as well.

HHH Thai BBQ Restaurant 
No. 28 & 28A, Lorong Pending 4A, Bandar Puteri, 41200, Klang, Selangor, 41200 Klang, Malaysia

Clear soup 
The tom yam soup is super spicy for me but for my hubby he just loves it as he loves spicy food.

Movie time with my beloved hubby

We went for a movie again last weekend.  We still a bit of time to be together and left the 2 girls and home with their uncle and their grandmother.  This time we go for the movie at Citta Mall, the twin seat, spending our time together to watch the movie.   We went and watch Fast and Furious 8 and I have been waiting to watch this movie as I always see the trailer.  It is a nice movie and I love to see Vin Diesel !!!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sugar Bun In Ara Damansara

Sugar Bun is very well known in Sarawak especially before 90s as others fast food restaurant has not come to Sarawak.  I was working the bakery by the name Apple Bees (under Sugar Bun) after my SPM.  I will also drop by Sugar Bun each time I went back to Sarawak.  They opened few outlet in Peninsular Malaysia before these but I think the response is not so good.

Recently they opened one outlet in Ara Damansara (nearby Subang airport) so I went and drop by on 1 April (Sat) before I went and fetch my hubby from the airport.  My both girls are also excited to try the food which they can only try in Sarawak.

Look like the response also not very good as the shop is very quiet.  Of course they have a lesser variety here but the taste is the same. Please visit their website - Borneo Asian Food
Give it a try !!
Maine and her Sugar Bun

Food Stall in Restaurant Jia Jia, Taman Senadin Miri

My eldest brother has opened a stall in Taman Senadin, Miri.  He sell Kuching Laksa, Yu Tiow....pls refer to the photo below.  Prices are reasonable.  I love the kuching laksa...remember by post about my authentice laksa sarawak post ?  Ya, most of my siblings can make good laksa sarawak.

Give it a try if you are staying in Miri or if you are visiting Miri.

Yu Tiow with pork.  

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Short getaway to PD - Avillion Admiral Cove

Last weekend , we make a short trip to PD for our honeymoon.  It will be our 17 years honeymoon next month.  We left the 2 girls with their granny.  My mum is back here for few months.  So I also take the opportunity to take a break with my beloved one.

My hubby is working every Sat till 3pm and he only manage to leave his office at 4pm.  Since he is so tired, I drive all the way to PD.  Let him have a good rest in the car.

We stayed in Avillion Admiral Cove for one night and had our dinner at Weng Yin at 10th miles.
A nice hotel and the room are very clean but no sound proof as we can hear the people talking outside.
We really enjoy ourselves.