Saturday, 25 May 2013

New house progress #2

Just to show some photos on our new house.  The kitchen table top is done.  The kitchen cabinet man came and took the measurement yesterday.

Wiring still not done.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cyn - our eldest daugther is 12 years old

Cyn our eldest princess is 12 years old now.  She can has her own ID already.  Bought a cake from RT pastry for her birthday and a simple family dinner.  We went to Bar B Q Plaza at AEON Bukit Tinggi for dinner.

Dad, mum, your little mei mei, your grandma & uncle B wish you all the best in your life and also your UPSR.  jia you.

Birthday girl posing with birthday cake

Her birthday cake from RT Pastry

Maine posing before dinner.

Hello kitty posing

Monday, 20 May 2013

New House progress

Grille is fixed. The wireman start his work on Thursday.  When I was there on Saturday, he is still drilling the wall for additional plug point.  Kitchen table top started on Saturday.

Wireman in action

The kitchen table top frame is up within an hour 

The worker laying the brick

In the afternoon, the cement work was done
The wireman need one week to finish the work and the kitchen table top expected to be ready in 4 days.  This Friday will get the kitchen cabinet man to come for measurement and quotation.

This weekend we will shop for air-con and lighting.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Journey to New House

There are so many things to be done before we can move in.  Every weekend we are busy surveying for price of necessary things like lighting, fans, electrical items, furniture and most importantly waiting for contractor to come and do measurement.  Weekend will be packed and tiring.

The grille and wiring jobs are dealt as well as kitchen wet work.  Now, will have to hunt for kitchen cabinet contractor.  With very limited and tight budget, we will try to work within our mean.  If everything work according to schedule, grille, wiring and kitchen wet work will kick off this week.  We hope to shift in by end of June.

Actually the most tedious job will be packing our things !!!  Just wait and see....hahahah

Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's day and I wish my mum and all the mothers in the world Happy Mother's Day.

As usual, no eat out during mother's day. So I will cook dinner for my mum and family on Sunday.  As for my daughter, I will demand them to prepare American breakfast for me & grandma.  hahahah...demanding !!!

Hope you will have a wonderful weekend and mother's day.

Happy Anniversary

13 years ago on 9 May, I was officially Mrs T.  He is from Terengganu and I am from Sarawak but we met at Selangor about 18 years ago and I knew he is my Mr Right.  We are gifted with 2 lovely daughters from the marriage.

We usually done have any special celebration for our anniversary but we will make it a point to have dinner together.

To my Mr Right, I will love you forever and thank you for being a such darling husband.